Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Gifts & New Items

First, I find that I post much more on my Facebook Fan Page than I do on here, so if you are on Facebook, please come join us! I have been doing giveaways and and all sorts of good stuff!

Now on to the fun stuff! I was asked to do a shark applique for a nifty family in Georgia and I came up with this guy - he'll soon be added to my pile of appliques available! I've been adding tons of new ones to keep things fresh and keep me motivated!
I also was asked to do a larger sized bib for a local family with a special needs child. This bib has an extra 1.5" to the tab and 3 settings for the snaps so it should fit with no problem!
close-up of the extra length:
In case you haven't seen it, here is my new guitar applique! I put these on some dish towels for my brother who happens to be a guitar player in a band in Montana.

I have also been delving into my pile of adult t-shirts I have and trying to make some things out of them! Here is a fun fleece flower I've been using.
Finished product!

If you do happen to check my Etsy site, you will notice that I am VERY low on inventory! I almost sold out of bibs at my last sale (I sold 40+ bibs in 2 days!) and only have a few shirts and onesies left too! I have been so busy with my custom orders and personal gifts for the holidays that I haven't been keeping it updated. In the next few weeks I plan to get everything I have out on there, but I am taking the month of January off - my Etsy site will stay open but I will not be sewing. If there is something you were looking for - let me know!

Have a wonderful holiday!