Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hip Violet was on Ellen!!

Holy cow! What a great surprise!

A Hip Violet bib made its debut on the Ellen show this week! It was shown on Jessica Alba's daughter Honor!

Here is the picture:
And here is the actual bib:
Can you BELIEVE that? I am still in total shock! And just super excited - not only that it showed up on the show, but that Jessica is obviously using it and likes it! How cool is that?

I'll just be here on Cloud 9 for a while...

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Friday, February 5, 2010

What do I make...

when I can make whatever I want? Hm. That's a good question. I took some time off in January to make some things for myself and my girls. Luckily (or unluckily!) my oldest daughter Violet now asks for specific appliques. She has been wanting an owl so I made her this shirt
For Willa I made her these two things:
I have a few more of these lightweight hoodies in stock - I am thinking about trying some appliques on the backs too!

My first birthday sets are going like hotcakes! I listed this one on Etsy, posted it on my Facebook Fan Page (be a fan! Get first dibs on stuff like this AND enter to win giveaways!) and it sold within a few hours!
Here are a couple of sibling sets. These also make great gifts for the family that has everything!
And some twin sets for good measure! This set below is for twins that are due this summer:
And a 1st Birthday Set for two of my favorite twins!
Have a great day!