Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hip Violet was on Ellen!!

Holy cow! What a great surprise!

A Hip Violet bib made its debut on the Ellen show this week! It was shown on Jessica Alba's daughter Honor!

Here is the picture:
And here is the actual bib:
Can you BELIEVE that? I am still in total shock! And just super excited - not only that it showed up on the show, but that Jessica is obviously using it and likes it! How cool is that?

I'll just be here on Cloud 9 for a while...

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Katie said...

So cool about Ellen!

I'm excited about our first custom Hip Violet birthday set!

Mom Fit Coach said...

Hey, I just saw your posting on MLM. Congrats on having your bib show up on Ellen. That's pretty cool that Jessica Alba is using it for her baby. Anyways, you've got some pretty cool designs. I know how hard starting a business can be as I've been working on mine, but best of luck with your business. It seems like you have lots of good things going for you.

Sam said...

That's so awesome your bibs were on Ellen! I would love to win one!

Jenna Hoskinson said...

Congrats that is awesome!