Saturday, March 27, 2010

Parties & Moby Wraps

I'm back in my home state of Michigan for a visit and decided to have a PARTY! I talked my sister into hosting and it turned out great! A ton of my friends and family came - it was SO great to see everyone! And fun to show them what I've been up to! It started off looking like this:
Yummy food!
And ended up like this! I sold all but a few bibs, and a bunch of clothes too. So much fun!
Back home in Denver I'm now offering appliqued Moby Wraps through The Giggling Green Bean - they are an awesome cloth diaper and natural parenting store on Tennyson St. if you're in the area! They sell Moby Wraps or bring your own! It's just $12.50 for the first applique, $6.50 per additional. Here are a couple of them I have done so far - they have been turning out so cute!
If you're not in the Denver area but would like more info on how to get your Moby "jesified" contact me and I'm happy to work out the details!

The weather has been pretty nice in Colorado this spring - before I left for Michigan I took my girls to the local park with a stack of sewing that needed to get done. I love this view! This is my youngest daughter hanging out while I hide threads and sew on eyes.
Have a great day!

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Anna Mack said...

That looks like so much fun! I've never tried the home parties thing yet....maybe I should :) Hey still want to put some of your stuff out here?