Saturday, August 1, 2009

Front Page & One Year Anniversary!

What a great one-year anniversary present! I made it on Etsy's front page just a few days ago!

My bib and onesie set was featured and the best part was that it was chosen by Etsy Admin which I feel like is a pretty big honor!

The funniest thing is that it was found by searching for the word "modern" - I had literally JUST added this set the day before, and had JUST decided to start using the tag modern on my items after seeing a few other people use it. How crazy is that? The Universe aligned for me on that one!

Over the one hour that it was on the front page I got almost 500 views, 23 item heart and 33 new shop hearts. That pushed me over the edge to more than 400 shop hearts! I was pretty excited about that!

And yes, the other part of this is that my shop has now officially been open for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Yay! It has been such a fun year - from learning the tricks of selling on Etsy (check out my writeup here about some of the Etsy Tips & Tricks I've learned!) and fabric/notions buying (I love sales!) and dealing with the whole CPSIA stuff, to modifying and designing a whole slew of appliques... it's been so much fun! My favorite part is hearing how much my friends, family and complete strangers like my stuff. It gives me warm fuzzies all the time!

I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things and sewing more now that Willa is napping a bit better. I still don't have nearly the time I did before and I'm hoping that can change for the better soon since I have SO many new ideas and SO much I want to sew! I'm trying to slowly build up my stash for my first sale of the year - I'll be at the Sunnyside Music Festival in Denver on September 12. It's an awesome neighborhood festival and it was really fun last year!

I am also happy to announce that Hip Violet bibs and apparel can be found at a great new cloth diaper store in Denver (the only one of its kind! How a city as "green" as this could not have a cloth diaper store before this is beyond me!) called the Giggling Green Bean. It's on Tennyson Street in Denver and besides carrying all my favorite cloth diaper brands, they now have a bunch of Hip Violet gear too!

Here are a few of my latest editions to my website too:

AND I'm now on Facebook! Search for Hip Violet and look for my logo (there is one other "business" called Hip Violet - raising money for a little girl). Become a fan and you'll be registered to win a FREE custom item!


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