Sunday, November 29, 2009

Show Season!

Coming from a horse-showing background, Show Season used to mean SUMMERTIME filled with the scent of fly spray, Pepi (smells like strawberries!), and hours of bathing, grooming and RIDING!

Now, however, Show Season is the fall and winter and means craft shows in churches, at fairgrounds (ironic, as that is where I used to show!) and even ones at my house!

Last weekend I did the Molly McGee sow at the Boulder Fairgrounds. It was really successful - I met a lot of new customers and vendors and even got some of mt Christmas shopping done!
This year I also decided to have a Home Show. A lot of my friends can't make it to the craft shows (plus a lot of them are far away) and had been asking about things for Christmas gifts, so I hosted a Girls Night Out/Hip Violet Home Show! It was really fun - I was very thankful for all my great friends who have been my best customers all year and it was a fun way to say thanks! If you are interested in earning some free Hip Violet stuff (or cash!) let me know - I would love to do more of these in the future!

My items are also at The Giggling Green Bean here in Denver. You can see one of my bibs here:
This week I (for the first time!) hit some Black Friday sales! But I wasn't shopping for Christmas Gifts - but for SUPPLIES! I spent a few hours in the morning at Jo-ann Fabrics where they had their thread and buttons on sale, and finally took the plunge and got the big huge things of thread since I do tend to go through it rather fast. Here's my rainbow of new thread:
I also got a bunch of new fleece AND some great flannel fabrics which were $1.50 a yard. Couldn't pass that up! I also went to one of my favorite fabric shops, The Fancy Tiger, where they were having 15% off all in stock fabric. Designer fabric is very rarely on sale so I took full advantage! Speaking of the Fancy Tiger, I am very pleased to announce that I got into their "Holiday Handmade" craft fair this weekend! Check out the link above for more info and an awesome list of vendor's. I can't wait!

'Tis the season for Christmas Bibs! I snagged some fun holiday fabric early-on this year and made these cute bibs that are perfect to cover up those cute Christmas dresses and protect them from all the great Christmas food!You can order your's on my Etsy site!

I am also adding a new set to my collection: First Birthday Cupcake Sets! These are the PERFECT idea for 1st birthdays! You'll get a tee shirt with a cupcake and one candle as well as a matching bib. Have your little one-year-old wear the shirt for the party, then cover up with the bib for the Cake Eating Extravaganza! Available now as a custom where you pick the fabric. Contact me for details!

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