Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We've come a long way, Birdie!

Ah little birdie and owlie... how far you have come! I was just cleaning out some of my photo files and came across my first bibs and appliques and wanted to share.

My first bibs - I made these for my niece. This was the first bib pattern that later got reworked into the one I use now. It's not a whole lot different! I did use a lot of velour on the back of the bibs at first and now exclusively use anti-pill fleece.
Oh birdie. You were not very cute. Sorry to whoever has this one (Haley, is that you? I owe you a new one!!)
Birdie now...Owl before... I have since learned exactly where to put the eyes (between the wings!) and how to position the wings better. Thankfully!
Owl now!

And my newest little guy, the dinosaur! He is a QUICK seller on my boys tees and bibs, I can hardly keep them in stock!
I was also asked to make a 1st birthday bib for a sweet little boy with a cupcake. I wasn't so sure how a boy cupcake bib would turn out but I think it was super cute!
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