Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Craft Shows!

Hurray for craft shows! We were at the Boulder Artisan's Market this past weekend and it was so much fun! I am sharing a booth most of the summer with marmalade creations - my good friend Nicole makes simply adorable felt hair clips. Check out her Etsy shop here!

Since we are sharing a tent, we had a top banner and two back banners made. Plus Nicole made this super nifty fabric banner that we put on the front. It turned out so cute, even if we do say so ourselves! It was very inviting and felt like a little boutique inside :)

Here is my side!
Even thought it was a little chilly (PLEASE remind me this summer when we're sweltering that the first shows we did were FREEZING!!), there was a great turnout and I sold a ton of stuff! Plus my favorite part - I met a bunch of really fun people! I love talking to everyone and seeing who they are buying for or just what they are up to for the day. Every show I meet the most amazing people and get to laugh - a LOT (of course Nicole helps with that too - we have the exact same sense of humor!).

My list of shows is up on the right - check it out! The next one is A Paris Street Market in Littleton, CO. It is a super cool show with about 70% antiques/vintage dealers and the rest are handmade. I went to check it out a few weekends ago and came home with all sorts of fun finds!

Soooo I was SUPPOSED to be on a fabric-buying-freeze. I have kind of a lot. And I need to USE it before I buy any more. But late one night I couldn't stop myself... I started searching on Etsy... and you all know how that goes! I am happy to say that I found a really great fabric shop that is semi-local - they are up in Fort Collins, CO and they had the BEST selection of fabric! The best part is they shipped it so soon that I got it two days later! Check out Sew Materialistic on Etsy by clicking here!
Yes, that's retro deer, garden gnomes, cars AND 80's guitar picks. I'm in fabric heaven.

I made this set from the Retro Deer. It is already sold but let me know if you'd like one - I still have plenty of fabric left!

My youngest daughter Willa is now 11 months old now and she is our last. There is very little that makes me want another baby and I have RARELY ever uttered the words "I wish I had a little one to wear this!"... until I made these two little t-shirts!

Talk about tiny. And cute. Ugh!! These were both custom orders for friends of mine. Let me know if you'd like something similar and I can see about ordering the shirts! They are great for cloth-diaper fanatics such as myself. Especially in the summer you can just have them wear a t-shirt and diaper with a cute cover or wool and it's so cute! I'm happy to try to match it to wool if you'd like!

See you soon!

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