Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hi everyone!

Ah yes, change is in the air :) With the new year I've decided to make some changes to Hip Violet and I would love love LOVE your opinion them! As added incentive to get your feedback, if you post a comment here on my blog, you will be entered to win a FREE Hip Violet item!

So here goes!

1) Price Change
I love designing and sewing up my items - I really do! But it has become pretty apparent over the last few months that I need to put my prices up in order to stay in business. Starting January 1st all of my appliqued bibs and short-sleeved apparel will be $18 (previously $15) and all long-sleeved apparel will be $20 (previously $17).

Now I know a lot of you really love the size and fit of my bibs but didn't necessarily need the fancy applique (or the cost of adding it!). I've got your answer! I am going to offer a new "budget" version of my bibs that do not have an applique. Same great size, snaps and quality crafts-woman-ship, but offered at $12 so you can stock up! Looks for them soon on my Etsy shop! And if anyone has a great name idea for these bibs, let me know! Maybe Thrifty Clean Bibs? Bargain Bib? Economical Eater? Cheap n' Clean?

2) Apparel
I have really been struggling with my appliqued apparel and if I should continue to sell it or not. I really love doing it as it seems to be a good option for people with kids older than bib-age, but I have a lot of trouble finding blank shirts, keeping a full inventory of the multitude of sizes needed for kids apparel, and even with how to display it all at craft shows and online.

If I did decide to discontinue apparel sales, it would not be until later this year as I have a big inventory of blanks at the moment. I would also still offer them as a custom order.

What do you think?

3) Custom Orders
I really love that I can offer custom items for special occasions, and I plan on continuing to offer this service. However starting in January I will only be taking 3 custom order "slots" per month. If you are interested in a custom order, let me know and I'll get you on the list for the month of your choice. Once it is your turn, you can order up to 5 items at a time. The running list of custom slots will be on the right sidebar on this blog.

4) Wholesale Orders

Currently I have 5 super-fantastic wholesale accounts, but I'm looking to add a few more this year. If you know of a really cool boutique that you think my bibs would be a good fit for, please let me know! I am currently looking for places outside of the Denver area as I think I have plenty here!

Thanks so much for reading this far! Make sure to post a comment - I not only would LOVE to hear your opinions on any/all of the above issues, but you'll also be entered into a drawing for a FREE Hip Violet item!

Thanks again!


SJF said...

These sound like good changes Jesi!

Amanda said...

What about something like 'Simple Eats' or 'Clean & Simple' for the non-appliqued bibs. I say stay away from 'cheap' in the name. ;) I would buy non-appliqued bibs, I love the function of the bibs!

VintageLove said...

i think a lot of WAHMs struggle with pricing... you want to make it affordable for customers, but still need to make it worth your while!

the Solomon Marcy Family said...

Maybe just the basics or basic eats for the bibs?

I hope you can continue to at least do custom apparel since my youngest will be soon out of bibs and I LOVE your things. By the way, can I get a custom spot for either January or February (two moms I know about to have babes) and for March (in preparation for M's birthday)? Thanks! Helene

Claire, Sam, Olive and Mae said...

I'd be sad if you discontinued the apparel altogether, but if it was still an option for customs I think that could work. I think your bibs probably sell better because people worry sizes of shirts won't be right. Love the idea of the simple/cheaper bibs.


The Broughton Girls said...

How about "Just Plain Hip" for the non-appliqued bibs? These are a great idea by the way. As far as clothes go - those are my favorite thing - I'd hate to see them go - would it be easier to keep plain white t-shirts with only 1 or 2 applique styles always in stock and that way people new to Hip Violet's awesomeness could get an idea of what their options are. . . and people like me always in need of a last minute gift will still be able to grab something the day before a birthday party ;)
I also struggle with raising my prices - but I think people are generally willing to pay for something they really love - plus this gives you more wiggle room to offer discounts for multiple purchases or coupons as promotion which is a good thing. Hope all goes well!

Vanessa said...

Clean Eating for the name of the bib with no applique. Just Plain Hip is really cute as well. Best of luck in the new year!

Erin said...

I think all of these changes sound great and well thought out Jesi. When you mentioned wholesalers, I immediately thought of the "Olive and Tweed Boutique" in Park City. Here is the website:
I remember seeing some baby stuff there before. Hope this helps!

JeanLaura said...

Sounds like a good plan on the bibs! I hope you keep the shirts as well. :-)
Good luck to you in the new year!

Kierra said...

I think you are doing what is right for your business! I know a couple of cute little stores in Rexburg, ID that might be a good match for you...let me know if you want the info! ;)

I am also excited about the Econo-bibs. I think that's a great deal and write up my alley!

Kierra said...

Did I seriously write "WRITE up my alley"? SO embarrassing, especially for me.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of using just one color tshirt for your blanks, to make things easier on you. No need to have a dozen colors in a dozen sizes. Good luck!

Nicole said...

I already told you my opinions-- can i still be in the running for a bib? i have about 3,000 friends who are preggers right now:))

Jenna Hoskinson said...

I think all your ideas are great, except don't discontinue the shirts!! Maybe you can order wholesale through American Apparel or somewhere? I have no idea how to go about that or what their minimums might be though.

KD said...

On the shirts.... go white, blue, and pink. :)

My favorite name so far is "Just Plain Hip" for the plain bibs!!