Monday, December 6, 2010

Meet the Newest Hip Violet Family Member...

I'd like to introduce you to someone. She and I are going to be spending a LOT of time together...

This is my new-to-me Bernina 530 Record. It may not be the most beautiful, high-tech machine (I think it's another 1970's model), but MAN can it sew!

I had one of my worst fears come true late last week. I was sewing for my biggest show of the year (Holiday Handmade in Denver) when at 11:30pm the night before the show with a STACK of shirts waiting to be appliqued... my trusty Bernina 810 died. REALLY died. I'm pretty sure the motor is busted. After a few &$*@&$ I got my backup machine from the basement, relearned how to sew on it, and finished up my work. The backup is fine, just SUPER slow and weird and loud. And it doesn't do NEARLY as good of a job as my Bernina.

Then I did what any Vintage Bernina Loving Person would do. At 3am, I searched my local Craigslist to see if there were any for sale :) And I found this one.

No frills here!But look at that niiiiiice stitch. And did I mention how QUIET it is to sew on? I think I may even be able to TALK to my husband while I'm sewing!
And the best part? Check out the carrying case! Of course there won't be a lot of carrying. She is a BEAST!!! I cannot believe how heavy these old metal machines are! I need some help naming her. She is in rough shape as far as cosmetics go and is old. Any ideas?

Speaking of Holiday Handmade, here are some pics from the show! It was at THE most beautiful craft show venue - the Sherman Events Center in Denver. I think it used to be a Greek Orthodox Church. Every inch was covered in something decorative!

You can sort of see my booth on the left-hand side. I'm in the second row on the corner.
Birds-eye view! I was so lucky to have a corner booth!
I had a REALLY great show - my best yet! It was my first show doing something a little different - usually all my bibs are one-of-a-kind but that was causing some odd issues so I decided to do 3-of-a-kind on each bib and when one sold, just took out another one of the same. It worked GREAT! It was really fun to see which bibs sold the fastest (I had a few where they would sell within a few minutes of being out - crazy!), and I actually think having less choices for people was better so they weren't overwhelmed with so many!

Speaking of designs, below are a few of my Holiday Bibs. Most are available through my Etsy shop. They would make a great gift OR the perfect thing to cover up your own baby and their adorable holiday clothes at mealtimes!

I also have two Hanukkah bibs. Check them out!

One more show of the year and then I'm done for a while - come and check out Firefly Handmade in Boulder this weekend!

See you there!

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