Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Fun of Custom Bibs

One of the fun things I have been doing a lot of lately are custom bibs. They make awesome gifts for new babies, first birthdays, or just because! Which reminds me that although I have made quite a few bibs for Violet, I haven't made her a "V" bib yet!

Here are a few of my newest ones:

Those also happened to be two of my favorite fabrics! These are for a local mom. I'm excited to see how she likes them!

On Wednesdays my daughter is in daycare so I get to sew all day. Yeah, right! So far I usually have so many kid-free errands and projects to do around the house that I only sew half the day. Today I got two bibs finished and two about halfway. I have discovered that sewing bibs two-at-a-time is a great idea. I use the same fabric and the same color applique (although a lot of times a different animal on each one) and I can get them done quickly without changing my thread a lot and/or getting up and down 18,389 times. I'll have to take a picture of my little sewing area sometime. It's in the corner of our living room ;)

Here was one of the bibs I finished today:
My horse friends had been bugging me to do some horse bibs. There is a huge shortage in the "gifts for horse people who have babies" that aren't totally cowboyish OR too cutesy. Isn't that the case with most things? Anyway, I had used this horse head outline in some of my logos I used to do back when I was a graphic designer (okay, I still am I guess!). See, mom? That pretty college degree isn't going TOTALLY to waste! :)

This is the other horse-related bib I have:

It's got tiny little bucking broncos on it, and the horse shoe has little silver nail holes. Aren't they cute?

I also made my first bib and burp cloth set the other day. It's now listed on a site called HyenaCart that is similar to Etsy in that it's a lot of handmade goods. I'm a guest vendor in one of my friends shops. Here is the set:
Oh, sorry such a small picture! Check out the HyenaCart store here:
The Giggling Guppy
My stuff is waaaaaay at the bottom.

Speaking of which, I made up a few of these super hip peace sign bibs. I LOVE them!!! I can't believe it hasn't sold yet! It is a "double the peace for just one price" bib - peace signs in the back. Peace sign in the front. You can't go wrong with Junior dribbling watermelon juice down this one!
Peace out -

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