Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hip Violet... Not just for KIDS!

Nope. No way. Not just kids stuff over here! I made this shirt for myself the other day. I've been wearing it a lot and I love that it's been a good marketing too.. "Where'd you get that shirt?" "I made it!" or "I make bibs. Like this (points to shirt)" ;) I also made one for my sister. Maybe if she's feeling generous she'll send me a picture of her wearing it.
I made this one for Violet yesterday. She looked so cute in it and her chocolate brown sweatshirt!

Action shot! She's singing along to the band that was playing at our local music festival.I also decided that it was pretty silly of me to be handing out my business card out of a dorky business card holder. So I made my own. It's a prototype, but works great and I've already had a couple of people ask if I'm going to put them on my Etsy site. MAYBE! Check soon to see if I take the plunge!

Other than that I've been busy! I have been trying to make more horse bibs since my last one sold in a day, which was pretty exciting! I'm also thinking about doing some local art/craft fairs this holiday season so I'm trying to sew-sew-sew and get some inventory stashed away. Speaking of stashes, you can also buy my bibs at My Crib - it's a consignment store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The owner is super nice, has really cute kids clothes on consignment (read: I just spend whatever I make selling bibs on new clothes for Violet!) and of course now carries Hip Violet bibs. Yay!

Have a glorious day!

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