Friday, September 12, 2008

Gifts for Grandma (among other things)

I've been wanting to make something to send my grandma since she seriously is such a sewing inspiration to me (see first past WAY down below). Since I don't think she'd appreciate a bib or onesie so much, I found these kitchen towels and appliqued some little cherry (and cheery!) birdies on them. She likes cherry/cranberry things so I hope she likes them! And hopefully she hasn't suddenly gotten internet access and is peeking at my Hip Violet blog to spoil the surprise! :)

Here is my first custom bib and burp cloth set. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, although I have to learn how to sew on a cloth diaper a little better! I picked up some boy colors for the burp cloths the other day so I'm going to see what I can make in the next week and hopefully get a few sets on my Etsy site. I'm hoping to make a few new listings for customs - a bib and burp cloth, and maybe a bib and onesie or onsie and burp cloth. If you have an opinion on that or something else you'd like to see, please post a comment! Not only does it help me a TON to know what people might be looking for, but I feel special when I get comments. A warm fuzzy kind of special. And it's cold and chilly here today.
And this week I had a rash of customs sitting at my table ready to go out into the real world and get spit and drool and dribbled upon. Before they got defaced, I shot a bunch of photos of them all. Aren't they cute?And I KNOW my two (or three) loyal Hip Violet blog readers have been dying to know - Where, oh Where does the Sewing Magic happen? Why here, my child:

I get oh so much inspiration from my french Easy Rider poster. And there is Beatrice, my faithful sewing machine on the right. She's just a little Kenmore machine with NO bells or whistles, but all I need are a straight stitch and a zig-zag and those she has. However she has never been used so much and I think she may have to be put out to pasture soon. Poor little lady!

My wonderful husband built me this shelving unit (on wheels!) for my fabric. On the top sits my buttons and barrette-making supplies, and on the other side my pile o' bibs waiting to be sold. On the left are all my prints - girl stuff on the top two shelves, boy stuff on the bottom. On the other side is just SOME of my backing material. My overflow is on the other side of the room sitting on chairs (oh so professional!). It works for now! The black bag is where I store sold orders waiting to be picked up or sent out.
And that's that!

In other news, I am seriously thinking about taking my bibs and onsies to some craft shows this fall. I'm waiting to hear back from one juried show, and another one I just got the paperwork for. The second one is more of a bazaar so it's not too expensive but they say that over 4,000 people go through. Ahhhh!! Guess I'd better get sewing! I'll make sure to post dates and locations of my shows when I finalize them. I'm so excited! And scared! :)


Julia said...


My name is Julia and I live in England. I just found your blog on line and wanted to say hi. My Daughter Ruby (13 months) is just about to go into a hip spica and it is so great to see your pictures and hear your story. It gives me a bit of hope that life can carry on!! Violet looks very happy (even in the spica) Keep up the great work! All the best Julia and Ruby (my e-mail is by the way if you have any spica tips)

michvanetta said...

Love your kitchen towels and your bibs.
Your work is beautiful and it was nice to see your work space too!